Film and TV Features 

This page features some of our collaborative efforts with film producers, television production companies and friends that share an interest in trees. Thanks to all those who have helped create the available material of this online exhibition.  




OPB, Oregon Feild Guide

They do it professionally, recreationally and in service to science. Their group “Ascending the Giants” started up about 10 years ago with a mission to scale and document Oregon’s tallest, oldest and biggest trees.

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Pro Photo Supply, Community Profile 06

Ascending the Giants is a volunteer group measuring "champion trees".  Photography and video play a key role in their work, allowing them to share their adventures with a much wider audience showcasing life in our forests as seen from the tops of the world's tallest trees.

The Google app: Road Trip

Ascending the Giants team spent several days assisting film crews in and talent locate and ascend a tall tree in Silver Falls State Park, OR.


Redbull, Tree gaurdians

Will Koomjian of 'Ascending the Giants' shows his work as a professional arborist traveling from his hometown Portland, Or  to Hong Kong China. Will meets up with Brian French and members of ATG to measure a champion tree.  

Ancient Forest Alliance Climbing Big Lonely Doug

The Arboreal Collective's Matthew Beatty, Tiger Devine, Dan Holliday, and the Ancient Forest Alliance's TJ Watt, were also joined by Will Koomjian from Ascending the Giants, a similar research and awareness-raising organization of tree-climbers based in Portland.

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Ascending the Giants, film

Arborists Will Koomjian and Brian French set forth on a journey to locate a new Oregon State Sitka Spruce champion. 


Cnn,somebody's gotta do it

Mike Rowe meets up with Ascending the Giants and attempts to climb some of the world's tallest trees. Brian French and James Luce assist Mike while showing him how to measure and document champion trees. 

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Brian French and Will Koomjian set off on an unprecedented 1 km canopy trek  wooded forest of Oregon White Oak. For 5 days, they endure the predictably unpredictable Oregon spring weather, battle fatigue, and face seemingly impossible gaps of over 100 feet between trees.

ATG Trailer

A trailer for the short documetary, Ascending the Giants, which features Brian and Will, on their journey to measure champion trees.